Month: November 2013

Movies: Roman Holiday


This black and white rom-com will leave you smiling, laughing, and, inevitably, crying. Starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.

While reading “These Few Precious Days”, I learned that Audrey Hepburn had actually had a small fling with JFK, due to his interest in Hollywood actresses. In the excerpt, it was mentioned that she was rising in fame due to her movie “Roman Holiday”. Curious, I looked up the movie and found out that the male lead was Gregory Peck. I’d distinctly remembered him in “To Kill A Mockingbird” and was excited to know that two stunning actors had starred in an old movie together! So of course I had to watch it!

I’ve never been one to watch black and white movies for fun, but perhaps this whole Kennedy and 50’s and 60’s obsession of mine is leading towards it. And I’m glad that I watched it because it really is such a heartwarming and amazing movie.


Audrey Hepburn stars as Ann, a sheltered princess who dreams about being free and seeing the world.


Gregory Peck stars as a news reporter who is in desperate need of a cover story. When these two opposites meet by chance, things will never be the same.


And am I the only one who is just in love with this picture like they just look so happy and adoring and I just cannot contain my feels. I am hoping to find more movies like these because I think I am in love with old movies now.

Yeah I was definitely born in the wrong decade.


Books: These Few Precious Days


“Of all the women I’ve ever known, there was only one I could’ve married — and I married her.”

Simply captivating. I actually tried to read this book as slow as I could because I didn’t want it to end.

It tells the story of one of America’s most beloved couples: John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy. It was sort of like reading an actual romance novel, without all of the mushy gushy stuff, considering Jack and Jackie both weren’t a fan of PDA. For the longest time, I’ve been reading those Young Adult novels (many of which, are too simple in writing structure and are just cliche chick flicks in a paper binding) but due to my recent ignited interest in the Kennedys (most likely because that day is in this month) I have switched over to non-fiction., which is very refreshing. Through reading non-fiction novels I actually learn things, things that those young adult novels don’t teach you. Such as the fact that JFK actually wasn’t a fan of skin-ship and loathed being touch. Hence, why there are very few clips of Jack and Jackie touching each other at all. There are some that I’ve seen, but not many, unfortunately.



My current cellphone wallpaper.

I learned many things about JFK that I never knew before. Most importantly, before reading this book, I hadn’t been the biggest fan of Jackie. I’d always found her as too uptight. But this book completely changed the way I viewed her.

Because Jackie lived much longer than JFK had, of course there’d be more quotes and stories about her. But through this book I learned how driven she was, how headstrong and tough she was. Even though she’d been twelve years younger than JFK, the two seemed to share the same intellect and personality. It was amazing to see how much they related to each other, how much she’d truly been the only one fit for him.

As an avid Kennedy fan, I am aware of JFK’s numerous affairs and perhaps his relationship and supposed “love” for Jackie is a whole over-exaggeration due to the media. But of course the little budding romantic inside of me still likes to think that they’d shared a pure, true love.

If anyone has read this already, please tell me your thoughts! I would love to hear them!

Life’s a gift


”I figure life’s a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it. You don’t know what hand you’re gonna get dealt next.” 

Nowadays many teenagers abuse the phrase “FML”. Being the superstitious person that I am (karma is just really attracted to me for some reason) I am always cautious about using that phrase. I do not find pleasure in throwing out words about how much I may hate my life because I know that many, many people have it worse. And because of that, I feel like many others should do the same. Life shouldn’t be a thing to be wasted. Because that six-year-old cancer patient out there would be willing to do anything to have a life at all. Cancer. That always hits people right in the heart, doesn’t it?

So think about the life that you have. Think about the good things, stray away from the negative. Smile and laugh a lot, make jokes and do things that you enjoy. I myself am still in the process of enjoying life (how is it possible to when you’re bombarded with thoughts of college and living on the streets and not being able to please your parents every single minute of the day?) and although it may be difficult to consider the fact that many other people have it worse, life should be worth it. I want to live a life that I won’t regret, that I can look back at when I’m near-dying and smile to myself thinking, “I lived a good one.”

JFK Jr., Paul Walker, James Dean, Steve Jobs, Hank Gathers. Those are some of the few names that I came up with at the top of my head. These guys had their lives cut short. But you still have yours. I’m not a fan of getting all sentimental about life and I may even be hypocritical while writing this. But the good side of my conscience tells me that some people out there need to be told that a life should be worth living.

Hopefully my words had some effect. Or at least second thoughts about using the phrase “FML” (but how can you after I brought up cancer?).

In the meantime, for all you Titanic fans out there, what is your favorite scene from the movie? I have many but my ultimate favorite is the “not without you” scene.


Gets me every single time.