Talking to the moon

I know there’s no use in worrying. I know there’s no use in stressing over something that you can’t control. And after all, you could technically say that you’ve tried your best and there was nothing else you could’ve done.

But deep down inside your gut, you know you could’ve done better.

It sucks because it’s been over a year and you’re still pondering and wrestling over the same dang thing: there’s more to life than just this, isn’t there? More than just endlessly stressing over grades, over the unknown, the uncertainty that kills you every time? Perhaps it’s the impatience, the fact that you can’t stand taking it slow and just waiting for this to unfold. Or maybe it’s your longtime fear of rejection.

Or it could, possibly, just be that you’re not good at this. Realistically, you never have been a math or science person and you’re clearly deluding yourself into thinking that you enjoy things such as derivatives and integrals and the lame enthalpy of heat or whatever.

But you’re interested in your major. It practically correlates with everything you’ve been interested since childhood and it’s a great field to get into. You genuinely like it. Maybe these measly little GE classes are just trying to delude you from the real goal: that major. I mean, they can be manipulative like that.

Just focus on doing the best you can. That’s all you can do at this point, and whatever school you end up at, you’ll know that it happened for a reason. Push through these classes, because you know that once you get to your core classes that things will be so much more different, so much more better.

And remember to enjoy your youth while you still have it. Slow down, take a breath, don’t stress, forget about it, and have fun.


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