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They Always Tell You to “Be Yourself”

Jackie Kennedy, known for her grace and…”

“Audrey Heprburn, a timeless fashion icon who exhibited elegance and sophistication…”

“Marilyn let men chase after her, and it was seldom ever the…”

Her big brown eyes looked sadly over at the television screen. She was nursing a twisted ankle, the results of her efforts in trying to help her mother clean the floors.

“Blossom, are you alright?” her mother had asked her earlier. She was lying on the floor, wet from the soapy water, and was mentally scolding herself for being, yet again, so careless. “Just go to your room.”

As Blossom headed to her room, she could hear her mother’s faint mumbling. “…this girl can’t do anything right.”

And she knew it was true: she couldn’t do anything right. Not even simple house chores.

The documentary on TV about the most admired and beautiful women in history began to wane out, now just a simple slideshow of the women’s achievements with some sentimental background music. Blossom looked at the clock: 7:58 PM. It was almost ending anyways.

She leaned against her bed, her eyes still on the television screen. She wanted, so desperately, to be that elegant, that classy and sophisticated. She recalled a girl who her mother had pointed at school, who she’d labeled as “pretty, natural, classy”.

That girl who her mother had pointed out had actually been one of the most popular girls in school. Not for her looks or her chest size or whatever. It was her intelligence that did it, the way she interacted with people, and the way she presented herself. Beauty is only skin deep, after all. Blossom would observe her, taking note of how she acted, in the hopes that she, too, could become that well composed and intriguing.

Because Blossom was none of the things that she wanted to be. She wasn’t graceful like Jackie, instead being a complete klutz and was falling and tripping left and right, hardly ever taking notice of precautions or consequences or any of that stuff.

She was far from Audrey’s elegance. Blossom’s idea of a comfortable outfit literally consisted of shorts and a loose T-shirt. She loved her worn-out sneakers and secretly loathed getting dressed up and wearing makeup. She hated heels. She even hated ballet flats.

And don’t get her started on her dating life. “Let the boys chase you”? Please. She loved the chase. She loved being the one to go after what she wanted, thinking of ways she could win him over. She wasn’t patient or coy enough to have it be the other way around. Why wait for something that you could make happen yourself? She would think.

Blossom was an interesting girl. She liked laughing loud and showing emotions. She enjoyed being 30% tomboy and acting like a kid. She loved getting overly excited about the smallest things in life. That’s who she is.

But the thing is, she doesn’t like who she is. That’s not who she wants to be. She wished that she could be less clumsy, more apt, smarter, and that she could actually strut in ballet flats without looking like a duck waddling at the park.

All throughout elementary school, all throughout those awkward teenage years, they always tell you to “be yourself”. But what if you don’t like who “yourself” is?



Movies: Roman Holiday


This black and white rom-com will leave you smiling, laughing, and, inevitably, crying. Starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.

While reading “These Few Precious Days”, I learned that Audrey Hepburn had actually had a small fling with JFK, due to his interest in Hollywood actresses. In the excerpt, it was mentioned that she was rising in fame due to her movie “Roman Holiday”. Curious, I looked up the movie and found out that the male lead was Gregory Peck. I’d distinctly remembered him in “To Kill A Mockingbird” and was excited to know that two stunning actors had starred in an old movie together! So of course I had to watch it!

I’ve never been one to watch black and white movies for fun, but perhaps this whole Kennedy and 50’s and 60’s obsession of mine is leading towards it. And I’m glad that I watched it because it really is such a heartwarming and amazing movie.


Audrey Hepburn stars as Ann, a sheltered princess who dreams about being free and seeing the world.


Gregory Peck stars as a news reporter who is in desperate need of a cover story. When these two opposites meet by chance, things will never be the same.


And am I the only one who is just in love with this picture like they just look so happy and adoring and I just cannot contain my feels. I am hoping to find more movies like these because I think I am in love with old movies now.

Yeah I was definitely born in the wrong decade.