5 Perfect Pick-Me-Ups


We all have those really, really bad days. Days where you’re just in a very uncompromising slump, where all you really want to do is close your eyes and forget that the world even exists. It may be a break up, a tough time with the parents, or a horrible grade on a test. Or maybe it’s the laziness kicking in. The other day I was lying on the couch feeling like the biggest couch potato in the universe, and then my mother asks me to wash the dishes for her.

Of course I didn’t want to get up and of course I had no intentions on exerting energy of any kind.


Whatever the feeling may be, I have a solution for you. What you need is the perfect pick-me-up.


Pick-me-ups do wonders. They lighten your spirits, wake up that life inside your body, and make you feel alive again. Which is what life should be about, really. Here are a couple of pick-me-ups that I find extremely effective and hopefully, they manage to cheer you up as well:

1. A Song You Can Dance To


Nothing gets you up and moving more than the perfect dance track. Put that dance playlist on blast and you’ll feel rejuvenated in no time!


“Drunk in Love” by Beyonce ft. Jay-Z (seriously the song that I jammed to after my mother made me wash the dishes)

2. A Movie or TV Show That Makes You Laugh


The thing about movies and TV shows is that they transport you into a new world. You suddenly feel like you’re not alone, that the characters are there to accompany you. If you’re to be transported into a new world, it ought to be a funny world. Comedies are a must. Not only will they make you laugh your rear off, but that source of laughter is what’s going to keep you moving forward throughout the night.


21 Jump Street

She’s The Man

Mean Girls


Yes Man

These are all movies that I would watch when I’m feeling a bit gloomy. They never fail to make me laugh. Stay away from tear-jerkers (unless that kind of stuff strangely comforts you) and you should be good.

3. A Comforting Drink


What’s more relaxing than curling up with a good book and a rejuvenating drink? In this case, sodas and chips aren’t going to do you justice. Settle for something healthy, something that you know is good for your body. Nothing feels better than knowing that you’re doing something beneficial for your body.


Any type of tea. My personal favorites are Green Tea and Oolong.

A smoothie from Jamba (Strawberry Wild Light for me)

A plate of apples with almond butter

4. A Great Friend


When you’re feeling down, the worst thing to be is alone. Call up that friend who you know can make you laugh and smile.

5. A Change of Scenery


Change is good. The thing is that when you’re in one place for too long, you get bored. And being bored is not a good thing at all.

So take a drive to somewhere new. Go out of your comfort zone and check out that new restaurant down the street, try rock climbing or horseback riding, something you haven’t done before. It’s refreshing to try something new for a change and inevitably, you’ll feel like a new and shiny person.


Those are my main sources of pick-me-ups and for the most part, they do their job! I hope you get out of your slump and I hope life for you is great. Any other perfect pick-me-ups? Don’t hesitate to share them with me! I would love to read them.




Isaac: Then how do you control it?

Derek: Find an anchor. Something meaningful to you. Bind yourself to it. Keep the human side in control.

In MTV’s Teen Wolf, the word “anchor” means much more than just a big metal thing that hangs off ships. Anchors, in the world of Teen Wolf, are people, feelings, places, anything that keeps the human side of the werewolf intact. This idea of having an anchor can also apply to the mortal side of life as well.


Whether we like it or not, there is a side inside of us that contains some sort of beast, some sort of creature. It’s not supernatural, it’s not mythical. It’s human. The beast comes out when we’re angry, frustrated. It’s any feeling that seems to coordinate with the color red when being thought of. Red is known to be quite an angry color, after all.

In such times of darkness, evil, and despair, it’s hard to not let those feelings of negativity take over. That’s where the anchor comes in. It brings you down to your natural, calmer state, to tranquility and satisfaction.


However, anchors do not necessarily need to be an outside force. Scott had always thought that Allison had been his one and only anchor, the only thing that can keep him human. During a transformation attack in Season 3B, Scott’s mother Melissa reminds him to use his anchor. Scott retaliates that Allison had been his anchor, and now that they’ve broken up, that he doesn’t have an anchor anymore. Melissa then gives Scott the best advice that one parent can ever give to a teenage werewolf: to be his own anchor.

With just enough strength and mental motivation, you can be your own anchor.

Some may have already found their anchors. Some may haven’t. If you haven’t found your anchor yet, do not fret. It may be a quiet corner in the park, a best friend, a teddy bear, a memory, a feeling. Life is all about learning, seeking, and trying new things. I promise you that it will come, even when you least expect it.

On a side note, I am loving Kira on the show. Can’t wait to see more of her and Scott in the new episode!