MOVIES: About Last Night…


Let me start off by saying that I simply cannot stop thinking about this movie and that may or may not be a bad thing.

It’s a Sunday night, a little bit after twelve. Not in the mood to go to sleep yet, I once again was in a deep predicament as to which movie I should watch to pass the time. I wanted something…different. Something that would boost my already sullen mood. Something that would make me think. Leave an impact.

Then, I suddenly come across About Last Night (1986) on some IMBD recommendations. But the plot wasn’t what caught my eye. While reading it I was reminded of Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher’s No Strings Attached (another favorite of mine), Mila Kunis’ and Justin Timberlake’s Friends With Benefits, amongst other basic movies about one night stands turning into something more. The plot wasn’t new to me.

What was new to me, was that this movie starred none other than Rob Lowe and Demi Moore. It was odd because I’ve looked into the Brat Pack before, but upon perusing through the pictures and history of the infamous group my eyes strangely fell towards Rob and Demi in the sense that I thought they would be good together. Like a power couple, both blessed with good looks and famous names.

TL;DR: Yeah okay I admit it. I shipped them at first sight.

I kept the thought in the back of my mind however, not thinking that it would matter. But finding out that they’d done a movie together certainly sparked my interest. I couldn’t wait to watch it and see what it was all about.

And it definitely did not disappoint. As mentioned above, I cannot stop thinking about it. I was a bit tentative at the length of the movie, as it was rather long for my taste and I was afraid that I would grow bored of it, but I surprisingly was left wanting more! The dialogue, the pacing, and everything about it intrigued me. Rather young and naive, I found the ups and downs of Rob and Demi’s relationship in the movie so fascinating and, well, real. I had never watched a movie like it before. I was expecting some rom-com type thing but instead it was quite dramatic and dark. And deep. The things they said, the things they did, everything had meaning to it. It was a heartfelt movie, one where I definitely felt the raw emotions and tensions between the two characters. It makes me wonder about what my life will be like when that time comes.


I have heard people talk about Rob and Demi’s “lack of chemistry” but I honestly beg to differ. I felt it instantly. Their superb acting also added to the fire. I love it when I can just look at an actor’s eyes and see the way he or she is expressing the emotions, whether it be hurt or pain or suffering. I have also seen many couples in movies act rather awkward around each other. I was grateful that Rob and Demi acted the romantic scenes comfortably, like a real couple in turmoil. Like I said,  I really felt the emotions with this one.

It saddens me to think that people these days will only know about the recent About Last Night (2014) flick, but then again it of course better suits the people in this generation. It’s funnier, sassier. Less dramatic. I find it interesting that the 1986 version is so obscure despite its favorable reviews and box office success.

Even so, this movie will stay close to my heart. I’ve been meaning to check out other Brat Pack movies before my winter break officially ends. Just finished St. Elmo’s Fire and I will admit that I watched it while keeping my eyes peeled for Billy and Jules moments the entire time, but I also liked observing the amazing talents of the 80’s. It’s truly different from today.


What? There’s a new Romeo and Juliet movie?


YOU BET THERE IS. Well, not exactly new, per se. The DVD was released a couple of weeks ago but I’d only watched it about twenty-four hours ago.

And a second time about eight hours ago…

Now, we all know that the story of Romeo and Juliet nowadays is usually a). mocked and ridiculed due to the fact that they’d fallen in love, gotten married, and died all within the span of about four days; or b). their romance has been overly dramatized and exaggerated via the media and all we can absorb from the story is the romance.

This story is very misunderstood.

And I tend to be drawn to misunderstood things.

Romeo and Juliet is not just a love story. I can probably go on a tangent about this but that is not why I’m writing today.

(However, if you wish to hear the reason why R&J is not just simply a love story, I recommend reading these)

This blog is all about my obsessions. And recently, I’ve been obsessed with the newest Romeo and Juliet movie starring Douglas Booth and Hailee Steinfeld:


Aren’t they just adorable?! I am well aware of the negative reviews this movie has received but that doesn’t stop it from being my absolute favorite version of R&J so far!

I personally love historical movies. So it definitely thrilled me to see the rustic, old village setting of the film. The European accents also added a great touch to the dialogue, as it fit with the dialect aspect of the script. Hailee and Ed did a fantastic job with the fake accents, by the way. Would’ve never noticed the difference between theirs and Douglas’ real accent!


Also, the clothing! Juliet’s dresses were absolutely stunning, down to every lace touch. I loved the colors she wore for the film, as well as Romeo’s look, even the maid’s! Stunning. Just stunning.

Film Title:  Romeo and Juliet

The thing that I would especially love to commend about this movie, is the actual chemistry between the two leads.

Many casting directors, in my opinion, overlook the sense of chemistry between two romantically-attached characters in a movie. And I may sound superficial here, but looks play a great part in that chemistry. Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody in The OC, all of the main Gossip Girl couples (I personally love Chuck and Blair), Lea and Cory, Zac and Vanessa, Brad and Angelina; why do you think people shipped these pairs so much? It’s because they looked good together! Maybe there are some other underlying factors here and there but society is shallow. We like seeing good-looking couples on screen, because that’s what we idealize the “perfect couple” to be.


It seems like Hailee knew exactly what I was talking about. In her interview with the Huffington Post she said, “I feel that for the story of “Romeo and Juliet” to be impactful, it has to be believable and there has to be a certain level of chemistry between the two characters. I was so excited that I was able to weigh in on the casting process with Douglas and being a part of finding the right actor, which I think we did.”

Perhaps the sense of “chemistry” between two people is subjective. Other people can feel it while others don’t. I have no idea. But both Hailee and I had certainly felt it between her and Douglas! They were the reason why I’d been so ecstatic for this movie in the first place, in all honesty. Right when I saw the trailer.

Which reminds me, here’s the trailer itself!

Happy viewing, ya’ll! Hopefully my mother gives into my pleas and gets me the movie on DVD :3

And don’t be afraid to share some movie recommendations of your own! I would love to hear them!

Movies: The Olsen Twins


They were millionaires before they even got to high school.

My obsession for the week? The Olsen twins! I actually just recently watched an interview of them stating that they don’t like to be called “The Olsen Twins” but it’s just a lot shorter than “Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen” so I will have to go against their wishes for the sake of this post.

I’ve watched many of their movies when I was younger. But during this Christmas break (which is basically me watching movies, movies, movies), I decided to re-watch some of my favorite Dualstar movies. And I fell in love with them all over again.

Mary Kate and Ashley made their television debut as Michelle Tanner in the hit television series “Full House” when they were just six months old. After the show, the twins established Dualstar, a company that contributed to many of their movies. Besides Dualstar, the twins also starred in various television shows and had their own individual projects.

If you haven’t watched an Olsen movie, I must warn you that most of them aren’t Oscar-award-winning material. In a nutshell, they may be cheesy, cliche, and very predictable. Also, they lean towards the chick-flick category. But, they are also very fun to watch and to be honest, the story lines aren’t that bad at all. There’s something about the twins that just make them so fun to watch. Such a shame that the girls decided to choose fashion over acting. I would’ve loved to see more movies from the two.

Now without further ado, here are some of my favorites! In no particular order:

1. It Takes Two


Not as good as Lindsay Lohan’s “The Parent Trap” in my opinion, but still super adorable. Plus, Kirstie Alley is simply stunning here.

2. Billboard Dad


3. Passport to Paris


4. Holiday In The Sun


Megan Fox stars as the twin’s rival.

5. New York Minute


Their best and their last movie together as twins.

I just find it so amazing and inspiring how these girls became so mature and driven at such a young age. They’re billionaires now, millionaires before they turned eighteen, and it just stuns me how one can start being successful at such a young age. Makes me want to get my rear end off the couch and do something monumental. Or something that would make money. Because god knows how much we all need money.

Movies: Spellbound


The mind of a woman in love is operating on the lowest level of intellect.

Following my Roman Holiday post, I became so entranced with Gregory Peck that I decided to check out some of his other movies and came across Spellbound. I’d heard of Ingrid Bergman from Casablanca (which I should watch soon) and did some research on the movie. Spellbound is in the mystery, suspense, and thriller genre, completely opposite from the romantic comedy essence of Roman Holiday. Plus, I knew that no other leading lady could ever replace the chemistry and emotions I’d felt while watching Audrey Hepburn act with Gregory Peck. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a watch.


Ingrid Bergman plays Dr. Constance Petersen, a top-notch psychiatrist who is known for having a heart of ice around her co-workers. That is, until Gregory Peck’s character comes along. He claims himself to be the new director of the hospital, Dr. Anthony Edwards. However, it is soon revealed that he is actually a man suffering from amnesia, and has grown to believe that he’d murdered the real Dr. Edwards. Bergman’s character believes that he is innocent, and goes through a series of obstacles in order to help him regain his memory.


Of course, there is romance involved. But this movie is so filled with suspense and thrill that it’s hardly even worth mentioning. There are many psychiatric aspects involved, a sense eeriness that makes you jump out of your seat when the music rises in crescendo. The ending was amazing. I shall not spoil anything but the ending got me speechless.

Roman Holiday remains as my favorite old movie, but Spellbound wasn’t so bad either. The two are completely different in every aspect, after all. I also watched Rebel Without a Cause (because of James Dean, of course) this past weekend and might write up on that also. Because how can I resist not writing about James Dean?

Movies: Roman Holiday


This black and white rom-com will leave you smiling, laughing, and, inevitably, crying. Starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.

While reading “These Few Precious Days”, I learned that Audrey Hepburn had actually had a small fling with JFK, due to his interest in Hollywood actresses. In the excerpt, it was mentioned that she was rising in fame due to her movie “Roman Holiday”. Curious, I looked up the movie and found out that the male lead was Gregory Peck. I’d distinctly remembered him in “To Kill A Mockingbird” and was excited to know that two stunning actors had starred in an old movie together! So of course I had to watch it!

I’ve never been one to watch black and white movies for fun, but perhaps this whole Kennedy and 50’s and 60’s obsession of mine is leading towards it. And I’m glad that I watched it because it really is such a heartwarming and amazing movie.


Audrey Hepburn stars as Ann, a sheltered princess who dreams about being free and seeing the world.


Gregory Peck stars as a news reporter who is in desperate need of a cover story. When these two opposites meet by chance, things will never be the same.


And am I the only one who is just in love with this picture like they just look so happy and adoring and I just cannot contain my feels. I am hoping to find more movies like these because I think I am in love with old movies now.

Yeah I was definitely born in the wrong decade.